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Established in 2004, By-D.Zine has grown from a small local based company to a highly successful organisation that offers clients world class quality and service whilst maintaining the purpose upon which this company was started.


With experience in over 600 weddings in Zululand, we not only have the required experience, but the expertise to attend to every detail of your special day and ensure that the perfection you deserve is delivered. Our highly efficient and friendly team are always available to attend to your needs and guide you through this exciting journey.

We hunt the globe for unique pieces that inspire creativity and challenge the conventional. We offer a wide variety of show stopping pieces all available at your fingertips. We therefore stand out in a crowd. Our exquisite product offering is of the highest quality. We like to use the serenity of unspoiled plains spread miles, interspersed with the symbols of Tribal where the impeccable service and the touch of yesteryear designs welcome you.

The designs and concepts are beguiling and inspired. We are creative, dedicated, efficient and professional, so the results are always impressive.

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